July 2012, Duncan is three and always wears a helmet when scootering…

Duncan, approaching another little kid at the skate park, says, “Uh oh!  You not wearin’ your helmet!”

The little girl glances at Duncan but does not respond.  She is a few years older than he is, maybe six or seven.  She goes down the ramp and scooters around.  She’s pretty good.

Duncan follows her on his little green scooter, leg pumping furiously to keep up, “But, but, but… you NEED your helmet!”

The girl calls over her shoulder, “No, I don’t.”

Duncan follows her back up the ramp and parks his scooter right next to her.  “But… you ridin’ your scooter!” he says.

“So?” she says.

“Kids always wear helmets when they ridin’ they scooters! When you fall down, your helmet puh-tect you…  Den you not hurt your brain!  DAT’S why you need your helmet.”  He gives the girl a big squinty smile and pats her scooter, as if he’s just cleared the whole matter up but doesn’t want her to feel too bad about it.

“I don’t,” she says.

Duncan is perplexed, visibly struggling to understand this declaration.  He looks up at her, eyes wide, and says, “You.. you… not have a brain?”

Any thoughts to add?