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Bedtime Moments x 3

Goodnight to Duncan, nearly 5 years old:

“My dinosaur’s name is Clockwise.”

“Clockwise? That’s a great name, Dunky! I love it!”

“Do you wish you had a stuffed dinosaur just like Clockwise?”


“Then go to dinosaurs-slash-com to pick one… but don’t go to hippopotamuses-slash-com… because they don’t have dinos.”

Goodnight to Milo, age 2.5:

“I love you, Milo.”

“My love you, too, Moomin Bach.”

“You’re a nut, Miley-Mo,” I say.  And then I laugh and walk out the room wondering who the heck is Moomin Bach.  A few moments later it hits me.  I race back into his room.

“Moon and back!  Moon and back!  Milo, Milo, I love you to the moon and back and back again three zillion times and four with a marshmallow and seventeen cherries on top!”

“Mommy… you is Lindsey and Lindsey is nut.”


Goodnight to Wyatt, age 8:

I say, “Goodnight, babe.”

And he snorts, “You just called me ‘babe’.”