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On Having a Body

Life-affirming pep talk from a two-year-old.

Milo loves his body and likes to present me with parts of it to look at and admire. “Yook, Mommy, yook,” he says, “my nice hands,” opening and closing them for me to see.

“Oh, very nice hands, Milo,” I say, “I love them,” and he holds them up for me to kiss each finger. 

“See my big tummy?” he says next, lifting up his shirt. “Have belly button!” And I get an appreciative giggle out of him when I blow a raspberry on it. 

A bit later he shows me his “foot ‘n’ ‘nother foot”, points his elbows at me and calls them “big muscles, strong”, indicates his eyes, legs, arms, and teeth, waiting each time for me to say how lovely each piece of him is to me.  Then he turns around and shakes his bottom at me, calling, “Yook, Mommy, yook my bum-bum!  See my yittle tushy?  Dancin’ all ’round!”

It is so funny and so cute that I can’t help laughing, which he loves the best, and so I get rewarded with a big happy hug from him, which I love the best.

I’ve been little low and in a funk recently and my family has been bearing with me, but I think now I will try to hold for myself some of Milo’s great joy at simply having a body and get outside for a late afternoon bike ride with my kids.


See my foots?  Dem can MOVE!