Here is Duncan, age 3, performing Shel Silverstein’s beloved “Hug O’ War” (with a little help from Mommy). ¬†NOTE: I took the creative license of adding the word “snuggle” to the poem just so I could document him saying “nuggle” before he grew up and started hitting that initial S.¬†

2 thoughts on “Hug O War

  1. Tin Cup Carol

    Ah Lindsey – this piece is so lovely and philosophical – i love it, and I LOVE YOU t t m a b :-)

    SInce I don’t do Facebook this is a wonderful way for me to be in closer contact with y’all – BUT I am not much of a typist and have a kind of hate/love (as opposed to a love/hate) relationship with my computer so forgive me if my comments are few – I’ll read much more than I write, I promise you!


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