Lefty Righty

September 2012, Wyatt is six-and-a-half

Working on teaching Wyatt his left from his right… 

“Okay, Wy, show me your right hand… good. Now, where’s your left eyebrow? Nice. Okay, point to your right knee, then your right foot, and then your left shoulder. That’s your elbow… Okay, great. Think you’ve got it?”

“Yep!” he says confidently.

“Alright,” I say, “now I’m going to give you a bit of a tricky one: where is MY left eye?”

We are standing facing each other. He points immediately to my right eye.

“Nope. See, that’s YOUR right, but it’s actually MY left.”

He looks visibly startled.  “Really?” he says, “Were you… born that way?”

Any thoughts to add?