We were stopping at a traffic light as a Raffi song about Noah’s Ark came on. I was singing along mindlessly, “Who built the Ark? Noah! Noah! Who built the Ark? Brother Noah built the Ark…”

Duncan piped up from the back seat, “Who is that?”

“Oh,” I said, “He’s a guy from the Bible.”

“He is?”

“Yeah… He built this big boat called an Ark and brought pairs of all the different kinds of animals aboard to save them from a huge flood and-“

All the animals?”

“Well… that’s how the story goes.”

“So where’s his boat right now?”

“Oh, this is a story from a long, long time ago, Duncan.”

“No… not a long time ago, Mommy. Right now!”

Confused, I turned around in my seat to see Duncan gazing out the window at a scruffy man panhandling on the median with a small dog zipped into his jacket.

“I mean that guy,” he said, pointing, “Who is that?”

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