So mean, but so funny

Driving in the car, Duncan is trying to ask me something that I am just not grasping. This is what it sounds like to me, spoken from the seat behind mine in a very soft and high voice, “Mommy, is it Disneyland or Disneyland… or Disneyland?”

“What, Duncan?” I say, turning the radio off to hear him better.

“It’s Disneyland or… Disneyland?” his voice is still hard to make out.

“Dunky, speak up, it’s hard to hear you in the car.”

“Is it Disneyland or Disneyland?”

“Is what Disneyland?”

“I thought it was Disneyland but I don’t know.”

“Duncan, what are you talking about? Are you saying dizzy-land? Because it’s Disney, not dizzy.”

“Not Disneyland?”

“No, it is Disneyland, but the first part is Disney, not dizzy.”

“So, you mean, it’s Disneyland… I thought it was Disneyland.”

“Duncan, what are you asking me? Is what Disneyland?”

“So… it’s Disneyland?”

“Are you saying ‘Dizzy-land’?”

“Is it?”

“I don’t know what you’re saying, I can’t hear you. Speak up!”


“It’s Disney, not dizzy.”

“So it’s Disneyland or Disneyland, because…” He says some other stuff, but I just cannot make out what he is saying or what he wants to know. Finally, Wyatt pipes up from the way back.

“Excuse me, Duncan. Can I say something,” he says in a polite tone.

Duncan stops speaking. Wyatt takes this as his cue to proceed. I am hoping that he understands what Duncan wants to know and is able to sort out whatever misunderstanding we are having.

“Duncan,” he says, “did you ever stop to think that someone might be sitting behind you, listening to your voice droning on and on and on and wondering when it is going to stop so we can turn the radio back on?”



Any thoughts to add?