The Real Punkadotamus

You may be asking yourself, What does “punkadotmus” mean?  And how do I say it?

The short story is this:  Punkadotmus is my son’s nickname.  Rhyme it with hippopotamus and you’ll have it right: punk-a-dot-a-mess.

The longer story is this:

If you’ve ever purchased a domain name, you may have found, as I did, that lots of other people are creative in the exact same way as you are.  It’s a bit deflating really.  When I first began to consider starting a blog, I spent a long evening plugging one thing after another into the Whois database only to find every really witty idea in my head had already been had by somebody else.

At last, in a fit of frustration, I decided I would not call it a night until I had come up with one dozen unrelated unclaimed domain names in a row.  It turns out that this is not so difficult to do once you stop worrying about finding the right name; I came up with lots of stuff, but none of them felt quite right to me.  (Incidentally, if you are in the market for a domain, as of this writing is still available… along with scrumplish, blogphobic, peripateticpinguino, iyikechockitmik, and centrifugalhorse.)

I fell into bed wondering what in the world was uniquely mine.

My second son is a nicknamey kid.  Who knows why?  Maybe it’s his red hair or his wacky personality, but somehow in a few short years of life, he’s picked up dozens of nicknames, more so than his brothers, and more than I’ve ever had.  When he was a toddler, he referred to himself as “Dunky”; this spawned “Dunkypants”, “Dunkydoodle”, “Dunkypie”, “Dunkapotamus”, “Punkadotamus,” “Punkadot”, and often just plain “Potamus” (he’s got his daddy to thank for most of these).  The morning after my Whois database battle, he shuffled into the room, bright hair sticking up in tufts, and promptly launched himself Superman-style onto my bed, landing prone among the bedclothes, arms stiff against his sides.

“I’m dreamin’ ’bout glowworms,” he said into my pillow.

“Good morning, Potamus,” I said.

“Shhh… the glowworms are breathing,” he said.

And I thought to myself, not for the first time: This kid really brings the unique.

“Punkadot,” I said.  “I’m making a blog.”

“For pigs?”

“Not a ‘bog’, a ‘blog’…  It’s writing on the computer.”

“Computering?  You already do that.”

“Yeah, but now other people can see what I write… I think I want to call my blog ‘Punkadotamus’.”

“That’s me!”

“I know.  Is it okay with you if I use your nickname for my blog?”

“Yeah!  But put a picture of me on it… and say, ‘This is the real Punkadotamus’.”


punkadot playground

This is the real Punkadotamus.

4 thoughts on “The Real Punkadotamus

  1. Camilla

    Oh the best gift a middle kid could ever receive! I am so glad that you are doing this Linds! I can’t wait to see more material! I am so proud of you! All the best wishes in your endeavor!

    1. Linz Post author

      Thank you, Camilla! Middle kids don’t have it easy, but it seems some of them, like you and D, just make up for it in extra awesomeness. Duncan’s been complaining that at the moment I’ve got Milo on my phone background pic and Aaron has Wyatt, now I can always remind him that I named my blog for him.

  2. katie schmid

    Lindsey, you have such a unique way of bringing your kids to life for others, I’m so glad I get to see them in person. Can’t wait!

  3. Linz Post author

    We’re looking forward to it, too, Katie! I’ll never forget Wyatt asking you and Randy if you wanted to hear “a family secret”…


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