The Size of a Dad

Conversation with Duncan, four years old

He said, “When am I going to be as big as Wyatt?”

“Well,” I said, “you’ll probably catch up to him when you’re a teenager.”

“Will I grow bigger than you even?”

“Most likely.”

“And then I’ll be the same as Daddy!”

“Who knows, you might even grow taller than Daddy one day.”

“What! That’s not possible! When I’m a daddy, I’ll be the same as Daddy because all daddies are the same size.” 

all daddies are the same size

all daddies are the same size

2 thoughts on “The Size of a Dad

  1. Anonymous

    I am also the middlest child. My younger sister used to fantasize about being bigger/older than me and our oldest. My mom told a story of how she was once examining family photos and found one of me. She asked our mom how old I was in the picture – the answer was 3, which was at the time, a year younger than herself. She was so delighted by this that she taunted the picture: “I’m older than you-ou”.


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