What Shall We Name the Dog?

Discussing pet names with Wyatt (7), Duncan (4) and Milo (2)

Duncan: “Are we gonna get a new dog?”

Me: “Eventually. I promise, honey, I really do.”

Duncan: “Can we name it Gravedigger?”

Me: “No.”

Duncan: “Please?”

Me: “Nope.”

Duncan: “Why not?”

Wyatt (interjecting): “Because that’s a terrible name for a dog! Like, almost the worst name I could think of!”

Duncan (bursts into tears): “That hurts my feelings, Wyatt! That’s the best name I ever thinked of!”

Me: “Wyatt, come on, be nice.”

Duncan (slapping Wyatt and lunging to try to bite his arm): “Yeah, Wyatt! Be nice to me! You hafta be NICE!”

Wyatt (dodging Duncan): “I’m not being mean! I’m telling the truth! Gravedigger might be the worst dog name ever! It’s just the truth!”

Milo (happily contributing at the top of his lungs): “MY DOGGY NAME POO-POO! POO-POO-ON-YOU-BUM-BUM!”

Wyatt: “Okay, that is even worse.”

dog bush

Good boy, Gravedigger.

Any thoughts to add?